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In a palace full of art there can be no shortage of artistry in the kitchen either. In our taste gallery you will learn the Polish cuisine in the interpretation of real culinary artists. From regional cuisine to the modern Mediterranean Haute Cuisine. An elaborate menu with the accompaniment of wines from the best provinces will become a unique treat, not only for the eyes. We serve our culinary works in a variety of scenery. From a classic restaurant with a fireplace, through a modern hall overlooking the pond, to outdoor terraces overlooking the mountains.

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Old Biliary

Romantic dinner by the fireplace

The main hall of our restaurant, whose name refers to the rich history of the palace, is an excellent place for a romantic dinner for two. The golden glow of candles and the rustling of burning wood in the fireplace will rekindle the hottest feelings. The mood prevailing in this place makes time cease to count. Maybe because these walls are older than all of us and have seen more love?

Over the Ponds

Feast with a view of the water

The Nad Ponds Restaurant Hall provides a gateway between history and contemporary. It is here that the modern part of our hotel begins. Equally romantic and yet completely different. Large windows overlooking the pond, proximity to nature, lots of natural light and modern decor are sure to delight everyone who is looking for a breath of freshness. It is worth spending a moment here during the day to fully appreciate the environment.

Thessaloniki Miśnieński

Roundtable meetings

Thessalonik Miśnieński is an ideal place for small family parties or intimate business meetings, requiring a more intimate fixture. The unique character gives this place a unique crystal chandelier, whose date of manufacture dates back to 1920, and the place of creation was the island of Murano near Venice. Worth noting the element of art is the favorite collection of the Owner of the Palace - Mysno porcelain.

Chopin Bar

Conversations over drinks and cigars

Here is another gem in our collection of unique interiors. The Chopin Bar is the perfect setting for a small drink before bed. You will find a huge selection of international liquors as well as top quality cigars. Open in the summer, a wooden swing door leads to the outer courtyard, where you can listen to the splash of the fountain with a glass of wine. A great place for aperitif, after-work meetings, fancy cocktails for the end of the day. In winter at the glare of fire from the fireplace, in summer on a sunny terrace.

Rose Terrace

Lunch with mountain views

In spring, summer and early autumn, our culinary art is complemented by the performances of the most perfect artist - nature. Tasting desserts, coffee or cakes from our palatial pastry shop will be just a sweet addition to the beautiful view of the mountains. The Massif of the Giant Mountains visible from Szrenica through Śnieżne Boilers up to Chojnik Castle, is breathtaking at any time of the year. Straight from the Rose Terrace, it's easy to get taken away from nature and take this one step to descend into the vast park surrounding the palace for a long, afternoon walk.

Round terrace

A little privacy under a blue sky

In the vast expanse of our park, we separated a small terrace to create a more private atmosphere. The perfect place to enjoy your favorite drink in silence or during a quiet conversation with your loved ones. Aperol outdoors, light summer dishes of palatial cuisine, cool wine, and mountain views... This is one of the essential elements of the art of real recreation.

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