Lamb carpaccio, carmelized fig, green lettuce

Hand-chopped beef tartare Traditional or Deluxe way

Chanterelle mushrooms, buckwheat pancakes

Fried foie gras, apple, red onion jam, brioche



Beetroot soup, dumplings

Minestrone with regional carp, vegetables

Cream of forest mushroom soup



Ceasar salad, tomatoes, chicken breast

Seasonal salad, beetroots, organic goat cheese

Farmer's salad, crispy bacon, fried potatoes, onion


Penne pasta, chicken, zucchini, cream sauce

Tagliatelle, sous vide salmon, seasonal vegetables, dill-cream-sauce

Papardelle, scallops, walnuts, pine nuts



Steak of Butterfish, vegetables á la Bouillabaisse, couscous, orange juice

Fried tuna, collard greens, wild rice, olive oil

Sea bass, saffron risotto, zucchini, lime juice



Wild boar knuckle, fried potatoes, sour cabbage, horseradish sauce

Baby chicken, honey-glazed tomatoes, snow-peas, caper sauce, potato cookie

Saddle of deer, varieties of parsley, juniper sauce

Fillet of beef, green beens, pumpkin pancakes, dark mustard gravy

Lamb two ways – tenderloin and saddle of lamb, brussels, polenta, peppermint sauce

Duck, Jerusalem artichoke, fried potato dumplings, cranberry sauce

Roast beef, fried tomatoes, chanterelle mushrooms, red bean puree, fig & sage sauce



Regional plums in 3 ways, ice cream

Composition of white and dark chocolate, passion fruit sorbet, black currant sauce

Crème brûlée variation

Warm organic goat cheese, french pastry, marinated grapes, sea salt, chilli

Ice cream



Swiss walnut pie

Poppysead cheasecake

Apple pie

Sachertorte from Pakoszow

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